Month: May 2017

What are the five fundamental principles of the ACCA’s ethical code?

A professional accountant shall follow with the following fundamental principles during their job; Integrity;       Integrity is to be honest and straight forward in all professional and business matters. Objectivity;   Objectivity is not to be bias someone cannot influence the professional and business judgments made by you. Professional Competence and due care; Professional competence is to

Differentiate between Management Information System and the Decision Support System

The main purpose of the MIS (Management Information System) is to help the managers in making efficient and productive decision at strategic, tactical and operational level. It provides managers the helpful information that is gathered from different sources and departments in a single poo data base and in readable format. What is Management Information System

What is the Difference Between a Master’s of Accounting and an MBA in Accounting?

First of all, we should know about the professional accounting, what it is? Professional accounting can be defined or understood as the field of accounting which is under a statutory professional accounting body of accountants. What is the Difference Between a Master’s of Accounting and an MBA in Accounting? The members of this body are

ACCA LSBF P4 Advanced Financial Management Free Study Material

ACCA LSBF P4 Advanced Financial Management free study material available for download, you can download the following documents from this website;   ACCA LSBF P4 Advanced Financial Management LSBF P4 Revision Kit LSBF P4 Revision Kit Answer ACCA P4 Hand outs P4 Advanced Financial Management Revision Plan – March 2017 ACCA Paper P4 Advanced Financial Management

ACCA F4 to P7 Short Notes

ACCA F4 to P7 Short Notes Dear Students, now you can download ACCA F4 ,F5 ,F7 ,F8, F9, P1 P2 P3 P4 P7 Revision Notes 2016-2017 free and share with your friends too. F4 ACCA summary + Revision notes 2017 F5 ACCA summary + Revision notes 2017 F7 ACCA summary + Revision notes 2017

IFRS 13 Fair Value Measurement

IFRS 13 (Fair value measurement) Australian Accounting Standard Board released AASB 13 Fair value Measurement in September 2011 following the release of IFRS 13 fair value measure by IASB, this thing represent the IASB project to make in line the IFRS and the US GAAP with just minor exceptions. This standard tells that how companies

Enron Scandal Summary

Enron Company founded in 1985, by merging gas companies. Kenneth Lay was the founder of the company, first founded in Omaha Nebraska and then it moved to Houston Texas. Mr. Kenneth Lay was the CEO and chairperson of the company, he hold a Ph.D. in Economics. The company shortfall started when they lose $90 million