ACCA 200000 Members Worldwide

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ACCA 200000 Members Worldwide

ACCA recently reached a real milestone – it’s 200,000th member. ACCA 200000 Members Worldwide mild stone achieved and To celebrate ACCA has created a transportable wall of member names, featuring every one of ACCA’s 200,000 members.

It has also created a digital; the replica of the wall for members to find their names and leave a message to describe what their membership has meant for them.

ACCA 200000 Members Worldwide
CEO Helen Brand says reaching 200,000 members is a landmark occasion and an opportunity to champion the profession. She said: “Over the last 113 years, our members have helped lead and advise organizations of all sizes across geographies and economic sectors. We want all of our members to feel immense pride in what they have achieved in qualifying with ACCA and to celebrate with them their career success.”

The digital wall launches at the ACCA’s online event Accounting for the Future in early December and the physical wall was unveiled in Ethiopia at the ACCA’s first-ever member engagement event in sub-Saharan Africa on the 6 December 2017. Active ACCA 200000 Members Worldwide is a big achievement.

Information sources; ACCA & PQMag


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