ACCA Essential Level March 2019 Exam Tips

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ACCA Essential Level March 2019 Exam Tips

Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) March 2019 Exam Tips

It’s vital you read the examiner’s approach article on the ACCA website.

The first Q will be based on group accounting and may include complications such as a foreign subsidiary, discounted activities, disposals and/or acquisitions. Beware that this Q may test consolidated statements of cash flows as was the case in December 2018.

The second Q will cover the reporting and ethical implications in a given scenario. Make sure you consider any threats to the fundamental principles of ACCA’s Code of Ethics and Conduct in your answer.

Section B will always include a Q or part-question involving the analysis or appraisal of information from the perspective of a stakeholder. In December 2018 exam this involved explaining the nature of tax accounting in the financial statements to an investor. Even if this sounds daunting, make sure you have a go at answering the question.

Current issues could be examined in either section A or B. The Conceptual Framework and associated exposure draft have featured significantly in both the September and December 2018 exams – be prepared for this to be the case in March 2019 too.

ACCA Essential Level March 2019 Exam Tips

Strategic Business Leader (SBL) March 2019 Exam Tips

The SBL exam will focus on one main organization and all the question requirements will relate to this organization. You may have to take a variety of roles, which can be internal or external. You will also be required to respond to a variety of people within the organization.

All the questions are compulsory and there will be 80 technical and 20 professional skills mark up for grabs.

ACCA recommends spending around 40 minutes reading, planning and interpreting the requirements and the information/exhibits provided. That then leaves you 2.5 minutes per mark on offer, based on the fact that you pick up the professional marks while attempting the 80 technical marks on offer.

The SBL syllabus consists of the following areas:

  1. Leadership.
  2. Governance.
  3. Strategy.
  4. Risk.
  5. Technology & data analytics.
  6. Organizational control & audit.
  7. Finance in planning & decision making.
  8. Innovation, performance excellence & change management.
  9. Professional skills.

Information Source: PQMag

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