ACCA Latest BPP Exam Tips 2017

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ACCA Latest BPP Exam Tips 2017

ACCA Latest BPP Exam Tips 2017 is helping a large no. of students to get clear or pass their exams in the first attempt. ACCA Latest BPP Exam Tips are available in the PDF format for all the manual papers, you can download your desired paper exam tips and try to prepare according to it. By studying these tips you will get to know what you have to do in a situation if you stuck some. It will also guide you how to attempt the paper.

acca latest bpp exam tips

Like at my time for 1 mark we gave 1.8 Minute for example if a question is of 10 marks then you have only 18 minutes for it. If you are not getting the answer or get stuck somewhere in the calculations, leave it and move further. By moving forward you will secure your other marks because I personally think that attempt 100% paper will increase your chances of getting passed than attempting 70 or 80 %.

Time management is very important to pass any exam, my most of friend cannot do it. And they get failed due to partially attempting the paper and never leave any area of your syllabus as not important or will not come in the paper.

I would like to recommend you all ACCA students to read these BPP exam tips 2017 to pass your exams in your first attempt.

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