ACCA March 2018 exam results Announced and Pass Rates

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ACCA March 2018 exam results

Information source is PQmag

The ACCA March 2018 exam results are in and for many PQs they make the pretty scary reading.

When PQ magazine put out its post-March feedback we said it was a hard F5, tough F7, and a lovely F8! Well, F5 had a 39% pass rate and so did F8, so where does that leave us? F7, on the other hand, had a pass rate of 48%.
The next big question is why anyone would sit P5 and P7! As one P5 March sitter said: “The likelihood is most of us will have failed.”

At 29% the paper had the lowest pass rate this Spring, and P5 had the lowest pass rate in December too, when it was… 29% again! Students need to start putting pressure on tutors to explain why they can’t help them pass! The ACCA also needs to put even more resources into the optional papers. How can two-thirds of sitters fail when they are so close to becoming affiliates? Students told us: “It’s an awful paper”, and “I guess I better switch to P4 then, 5 attempts at P5 and stuck at 40%… jeez.”

ACCA March 2018 exam results

The P7 pass rate wasn’t much better at 30%. It is hardly surprising that Tingz said: “OK – this is why I’m am as scared as hell.” And Perfect Spice revealed: “Scared of sitting it [P5] in June.” The ACCA revealed that over 100,000 PQs sat the March sitting (100,487 to be precise). In all, some 127,267 exams were taken and 3,430 students became ‘exam passed’ – affiliates. That’s an average of 1.27 papers per PQ.

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ACCA March 2018 exam results pass rates:

F1 78%; F2 67%; F3 71%;

F4 81%; F5 39%; F6 46%;

F7 48%; F8 39%; F9 46%;

P1 51%; P2 49%; P3 52%;

P4 41%; P5 29%, P6 37%;

P7 30%

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