Digital Marketing Plan and Implementation

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Digital Marketing Plan digital marketing acca global wall

Nova Advertising Company (Pvt.) is providing different types of services to their clients in the form of printing press, hoarding board, and Pena-flex printing. Now the company is planning to extend their services in the different field due to customer needs and market advancement. Now the clients want digital marketing because it’s cost effective and more audience can know about their brand. Different brands are now moving e-marketing, social media marketing, and ad posting on different websites who have a large number of audiences, now to meet customer demand NAC wants to expand their services in different fields. Digit marketing is now the demand of all the clients. Digital marketing is very cheap and can read million of people in no time. Digital marketing will be used in future by all the brands to promote their products.

Company’s background (product/services, describe company’s advertising/marketing objectives)

 Nova Advertising Company is a Private Limited company founded in January 2010. It is a simulated company created for this assignment by my mind, there is no such company currently present in the market. This simulated company is an advertising company, providing different services to their customer. The main products of the company are Printing Press, Hoarding Boards, and Pena-flex printing. Now the marketing field has been expanded, new methods and marketing ways have been introduced in the market. To fulfill customer demands company expanding their products, so they now providing digital marketing service to their customers too. Digital marketing includes different medias, for example, T.V Ads, digital marketing (Social Marketing, E-mail marketing, SMS marketing and Ad posting on different websites). Company marketing objective is to convey the availability of new service to their customers, on the other hand getting new customers as well through which their business will grow in the new area of digital marketing.

digital marketing acca global wall

 Target/Segments Audiences

 Main target or audiences of the company are a newly established company, established companies, established companies launching their new products etc. Marketing plays an important role in the successful running of businesses; the amount you spent on marketing will pay you in future. Customers or clients are not aware of the newly established companies around them so that these companies spent some money on marketing. To make aware customer about company new products so the clients or established company do marketing of their products. To maintain a market position or market share, big brands do marketing. If they stop marketing they will be out from the race.

Prepare communication objectives (e.g. IMC, brand awareness etc. etc.)

 The company is already established and is well known in the market, the main objective of this marketing strategy is to make aware their customers and new customers about the new services which will be provided to them in the future so they don’t need to go to other companies for their marketing objective. They will get all services under one roof, so this message will be conveyed through the marketing campaign.

 Creative strategy

Creative strategy is very important for the companies or brands because it defines about the brand. Most of the brands use old strategies but now it is necessary to take the risk for more reward and breakthrough in the new market. You are familiar with the Pantene Shampoo as you know that washing hair with shampoo will make your hair shine and look very good. The creative strategy used by this brand is that they recommend it to their customers who wear hijabs, this was a unique concept and their TV ad shows this concept. Other shampoo brands show hairs in their TV ads but in Pantene TV commercial they used a Girl Model with Hijab.

There are different ways through which you can measure their performance through, social engagement, traffic, SEO, sales etc. These measures are linked with analytical data, but before this, you should have a strategy there. As we know that every strategy have a backbone and in creative strategy, there is a creative idea which brands get from a very long research. There are three steps involved in creative strategy;

  1. Research
  2. Creativity
  3. Strategic Planning

A stable foundation is important for the long-term success of brand; the company cannot take shortcuts in these matters. Success is not very easy to measure; a creative strategy is always behind brands products. This strategy set the tone of their marketing method.

digital marketing acca global wall

Design message

There are different steps through which you can make your message for the advertisement. These steps are as follows;

  1. Focus on Solutions.

You have to focus that what are the needs of customers in the current or future situations. When there is demand in the market for your product, you can assume that 50% of your problem is solved. Products with high demand in the market will be noticed at their early stage in the market and customers will be waiting for it. Target the market, what customer needs and then say, “Here is the solution?” what they want, this will be noticed very quickly.

  1. Aim the Audience

Products which are designed for a general audience will get a response very slow, but if there is high demand in the target market then your product will get more benefit in a very short span of time. General products are a waste in the markets very less customer will attract to them. Brands should give their customer what they want? What do they need?

  1. Use Subtitles or Headlines in your message

Now brands are using proactive, thought to provoke through subtitles, for example “8 Mistakes Banks Done Every Day”, people will want to read it more.

  1. Convey Crystal Clear Message

Convey your message clearly to the audience; graphics can get more attention of their customers or audience. David Ogilvy said that when I write an advertisement, then I don’t expect to tell you that my advertisement is creative. I want you to tell me that it is interesting and this will let the people buy the product. Don’t make people bore from your advertisement, make it interesting so they watch it till the end.

  1. Try extreme marketing messaging

This method will work, it is very true. Opposite or negative and mistakes get more attention of the people, here are some example provided for your information

  1. a) How can you start up your own company in a week?
  2. b) Learn English within 2 months?
  3. c) How can you earn $400 per hour?

 7.0  Develop media plan & media strategy

Selection of the media through which you will advertise your business, brand or your product is very important. The selection of media decides the number of exposures to the selected target audience by the company. As we know that the selection of media is a later process but it was developed with the creative strategy when we are developing the strategy of marketing. With the passage of time, there are many changes developed in this area.

There are four steps involved in the selection of media;

  1. Stating media objective; what do you want through this media?
  2. Evaluation of media; what will be the number of exposure to the audience?
  3. Selection and implementation of media.
  4. Determining the budget for the selected media.

 You can define the media objectives through three dimensions;

  1. Reach;

The number of audiences who will be exposed through this media, the timing of media at which time the audience will be exposed.

  1. Frequency;

how frequent the message will be exposed to the audience in a specified time period.

  1. Continuity;

what will be the timing of media, how many days it will be available to the audience and the company message will be exposed to them.

Evaluation of Media

As we know that there are different Medias are available in the market and every medium has its inherent strength and weakness in it. It is not very easy to select the media in a day, there is a long research is involved in the selection of media. An advertising firm or sponsoring firm will do this research on the behalf of the company. It will depend on the message of the brand and the target person or segment for their product. Most of the time companies rely on the advertiser research outcomes.

Selecting and Implementing

Media planner takes the decision and what will be the timing of the message exposure on media. This decision should be within the budget of the company, the decision of selecting the media in a cost effective manner is very important. This is a very complicated task, this requires qualitative and quantitative analysis of the medium is involved. There are a few rules available for this process, a research for this is very important in this. For example, if we want to compare the number of audience of different mediums, watching the TV, outdoor audience and number of people in the vehicles. The timing of media is very important because large numbers of the audience are watching TV at that time. So the message will be delivered to a large number of persons.

Media Budget

Media budget is also a part of the advertising budget, that how much company will be spent on the marketing of the product on different medias. The Same process is involved in setting the media budget as we have decided the advertising budget.

  1. a) Media outlet delivers through different mediums for example sight, touch, sound and smell, this will be very expensive for the company as compare to involving just one medium for example sound.
  2. b) The quality of media will also affect the cost, for example, cost of a tv commercial ad is more expensive than the media outlets. However creating Ad for the internet is very cost effective or has a very low cost.

digital marketing acca global wall

 8.0  Evaluation

Sales Numbers

Getting information in the form of a number will give the fastest look of the picture through which you can understand the results very quickly. In the previous year the sale value total is $10000 but now after marketing the sale value is $15000, by seeing these numbers you get to know that the marketing plan works and it gives positive results to you.

Customer Response

Brands should closely look at the customer response on their product, through marketing. Online surveys or general customer feedback will help you understand what customer thinks about your products, or what they want from the brand in their products. The common question they asked is that “Are you satisfied with our services?”


If your message delivered to a large number of person, this shows that your plan have a cause. There are two ways through which your product can expand is by customer recommendation to the other peoples and natural growth which indicates that marketing message of the company is very effective. Increasing the budget of marketing will also increase the expansion of the company in different areas.

Partner Response

A company marketing partners can provide that data on company marketing plan that it is effective or not, it is working successfully or not in the market. Partner feedback is very important; it will give you the information about the associated brands, vendors and suppliers. The salesman or the outside members of the company can see the effect of the marketing message or strategy is working or not, because they have direct interaction with the customers.


Through salespeople a company can measure the effectiveness of its marketing message. Ask your sales persons that the marketing message is effective or not. You will get the advice from them. If the feedback from the customers is negative than company should revised its marketing strategy or message for future.


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