How to Pass ACCA Papers in First Attempt?

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How to Pass ACCA Papers in First Attempt?

Dear Students,

Everybody wants to know How to Pass ACCA Papers in First Attempt? First of all congratulation to all those who have cleared their exam of September, 2017. The result has been announced and many students are celebrating. I would advise to all those who couldn’t make it this time, don’t lose your hope. Be confident and think for the future, don’t look back. Try to overcome the mistakes, you have done in the previous attempt. How to Pass ACCA Papers in First Attempt?

I don’t know the reason that why students are asking how to Pass ACCA Papers in First Attempt? from others. They know the answer to their questions, what was the mistake they have done. Students don’t blame anyone for your failure, you can blame only yourself for this.

Ask yourself some questions that why you are not able to pass ACCA in the first attempt? While other students can.

How to Pass ACCA Papers in First Attempt?

Things to Do (For those who couldn’t Make it this time)

  • Students don’t repeat your previous routine
  • Revise your lectures daily
  • Study 3 to 4 hours daily after college
  • After completing a topic do its questions from the Revision Kit
  • Ask your teacher, if you didn’t understand the topic. Don’t hesitate in the class.
  • Don’t be lazy, finish your work on time.
  • Just focus on your studies, leave social media for some time.

Things Not to Do

Don’t blame someone else, find out the problem and solve it.

Share your ACCA Journey

Dear students, now you can share your ACCA journey with us. Tell us about your story, how you started ACCA? What are the problems you face during ACCA? Any tips for your fellow students who couldn’t make it this time.

We will publish your story, with your permission at our blog. You can send your story @ [email protected] or leave your comments in the comments section

You can also share your future plans, what will you do after ACCA? Will do an internship in any firm or join a proper job?

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