Market Segmentation Analysis

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Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation is also a technique used by different FMCG groups to enter in an area. In this article, you will find how a brand using market segmentation analysis or an event through which it can increase its sale. The Streets is known as Wall’s in other countries released its new ice cream inspired by the Movie Finding Nemo Sequel.

Market Segmentation Analysis

Streets a global brand mostly known as Wall’s in other countries is trying to focus on a market segment or country for the sale of its product. The company is making its product from getting inspiration from the movies like the previous product of the company was inspired by the Frozen animated movie. These products are not launched globally; on the other hand, it’s a Global ice cream brand focusing a segment.

Wall’s (Ice Cream)

The products of the Brand were global in the previous years but now it is trying to target a segment for example now you can observe that Streets is trying to make its product by inspiring from animated movies. It launches its products with the collaboration of Disney movies; Finding Dory earned revenue of $136.2 million. The finding dory ice cream is fish shaped with bubble gum flavor and vanilla taste, the kids like it a lot. The other flavor given by the Streets is to win three family passes for Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium. The price of the product also matters a lot, Finding Dory ice cream price is $2.

Market Segmentation AnalysisMarket Segmentation or a country is to focus what is the demand of the company what they like or demand to have in your product. As Australian likes unique taste so the product should have some special in it, there are so many competitors in the market so they want to copy your product. Streets made collaboration with Disney Movies so it is good.

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