Mary Guy Model Ethical Decision Making

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Mary Guy model

Mary Guy  Model listed a checklist for decision making in 1990. The values are honesty, accountability, caring, loyalty, respect for others, the pursuit of excellence, integrity and responsible citizenship. The Mary Guy model also suggested the five rules which integrate these values and help in decision making;

Rule 1:

Consider the wellbeing of others, including non-participants. This rule emphasizes caring and respect for others. As Luke knows that Zane is a skillful and hardworking in his work the client misled the wrong information to the Audit Manager, so he should not take advantage from this and get promotion as an audit supervisor.

Rule 2:

Act as a member of the community, not as an isolated individual. This emphasizes loyalty, integrity, respect for others and responsible citizenship. Luke should not be selfish, he has to provide the right information to the audit manager that the work done by Zane was excellent, and there is no doubt in his work he has done.

Mary Guy Model Ethical Decision Making accaglobalwall

Rule 3:

Obey the law, but do not depend solely on it. This emphasizes integrity and responsible citizenship.

Luke should follow the fundamental principle because rules do not cover all situations.

Rule 4:

Ask, ‘What sort of person would do such a thing?’ This emphasizes all the values by calling each into question. A selfish and unprofessional guy will get benefit from this situation because he just thinks for himself. Both are eligible for the promotion because both have done excellent work.

Rule 5:

Respect the customs of other people and this will not affect your own ethical decision this emphasizes accountability, fairness, integrity and, respect for others. Zane is also a qualified employee and hardworking, depending on the wrong information provided by the client should not affect his promotion because the work done by him is excellent as said by Luke.

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