Red Bull New Products Management

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What is the Red Bull New Product?

How it target a segment or a country for its Products? How Red Bull increase its sale? You will get answer of all these questions by reading this article. This article shows that how Red Bull is trying to increase its sale in a segment or targeting a country for its products.

Red Bull is a global brand and currently operating in over 165 countries globally. Red Bull has to consider its product globally. But the company is producing its products for specific segments, for example, Australia and North America. Because last year the sale of the can was 6 billion and 2 billion were used in the America. Innovation in the flavored energy drinks is good for the growth of a company; to get a market share in Australia the product should have a unique taste in it.


Red Bull is a global brand;

It should focus its global customer. But using segmenting or targeting a country customer marketing strategy has been applied because 33 % (2 Billion Cans out of 6 Billion) were sold in America. Australian likes unique flavor in energy drinks, so Red Bull launched a new product called Kiwi Apple Energy Drink, these new products increased the sale of the company by 167 % as compared to previous summer sale. Integrated marketing is used for the promotion of the products, which will lead to summer. The person who never bought energy drinks, buy these products for the unique flavor taste increased by 30 percent.

However, Red Bull is trying to get a market share in Australia. Australian like unique taste in energy drinks, for this the competitor will also do the same.

. But the quality and the innovation in the taste and product are the main features to maintain this position. As these products are liked by Australian and American customers so these should be available globally in future to increase the sale of the company.

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