Top 10 Cricket World Records

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Top 10 Cricket World Records

Here is the list of Top 10 Cricket World Records provided to you after a long research and getting data from different sources and collected in a single article for you. Top 10 Cricket World Records ever you can study here in this article.

Don Bradman’s Test career batting average (99.94)

In the period of 80’s test cricket matches, Don Bradman scored at the average of 99.94 in in his test innings. After him, no one can manage to score at this run rate they just reached the average of 60. We can compare all the number in the mathematics form but the result is that he is the best batsman. His scoring average can not be beaten ever no one is near to this.

Muttiah Muralitharan’s got 1334 Int. Wickets in cricket

Murali starts playing for Sri Lanka when he was only at the age of 20. He bowled many talented players with his unusual bowling style, controversies also started against him but finally proved that his style is right. After 20 years he had 800 wickets in test matches and 534 wickets in ODI. If someone wants to beat him then they should have to bowl for a long time. He also faced no injury in his career and he remained fit for his team.

Top 10 Cricket World Records

Jack Hobb’s scored 61,760 runs

The game which we call cricket is not the same game which was in an early part of 20th century. Sir Jack Hobbs dominated in this era, he was a great batsman of his time. At that time the matches duration is very long and conditions are not very easy, international matches are limits. He played 834 innings in which 61 were only tested. It was a gentleman game, it doesn’t need any force and it is the game of the mind. Hobbs was a true gentleman and he likes to runs score for his team. He will always be remembered as a legend player of this game.

Jim Laker’s Bowling Value 19/90

In this figur the 19 stand for wickets and 90 for runs, it mean that he bowled 19 player for just 90 runs. In 1956 England off spinner Jim Laker bowled 19 players in the test match, only one z left from his hand. It this time of periods matches duration are very long and conditions are also very hard. Ten wickets in test match was considered as a great achievement but he bowled 19 players that was an exceptional case. Laker’s colleagues bowled 123 overs in this match but they only got one wicket. Anil Kumble also got 10 wickets in 1999 but 19? Let’s see who will do this.

4204 Wilfred Rhodes First Class Wickets

As Jack Hobbs and he played in the era of hard conditions, he bowled for england well into his fifties. 4204 wickets in his career was a great achievement, you can’t make this type of record without being capable of it. Rhodes recored will never be broken Murali only managed to get 1334 wickets in his 20 year career. Bowling need fitness if you are fit then you can bowl at your best and can show your abilites.

Top 10 Cricket World Records

16 Consecutive Test Wins By Australia

It was a very surpirsing thing to listen that Australia won 16 test matches in a row and no defeat, that was the goldn era for Australia cricket. It also managed to get 16 wins twice, first was in the period of 1999 – 2001 and at that time of captain of Australian team was Steve Waugh, and the second time 16 wins were between 2005 – 2008 and this time the captain was Ricky Ponting. They have talent at that time and they want to achieve it also. In cricket the weather conditions are very important they affect the all field of the crickets, But Australian team manage to play in all the condition and win every test match.

8/19 Chaminda Vass Bowling Figure in ODI

Chaminda Vaas bowled for the Sri Lankan team, he is left arm bowler and his bowling figure was at the top in 2001. His bowling figure is 8/19, he bowled 8 players for just 19 runs in One Day International match, he is the only player at this time too who take 8 wickets in ODI match. It is also possible that in future someone get nine aor ten wicket but for this there will be some miracle.

456 Runs in a Test Match By Graham Gooch’s

In 1990, he was the captain of the England team and he was playing his inning against India. In this match he scored the highest of his career 456 run in this test match. He score 333 runs in the first inning of the match and this also gave him enough glory but after this he also scored 123 runs in the second inning. This match was won by the England and they duly managed it. Super long innings are becoming rarer and rarer due to the attraction towards the fast innings like people now have short time to watch matches so they mostly watch T-20 matches now.

Economy Rate 0.3 in ODI by Phil Simmon’s

Now the cricket is becoming very fast, every batsman is a good hitter of ball. If a bowler is bowling ten overs in a match and he just gave 4 runs per over, total runs given by him will be 40 and the economy rate will be 0.4. But in 1992 against Pakistan, West Indies bowler Phil Simmon’s gave just 3 runs per over and the economy rate was 0.3 runs per over. ODI is becoming much more attack minded, every batsman is trying to attack on the every ball of the over. Phill Simmon was a batsman, he was not a bowler and he showed a good bowling figure is this match which gave him more confident.

T-20 Hundred off 30 balls by Chris Gayle’s

In the early days of Twenty20 cricket, in 2004 the Australian player Andrew Symonds scored hundred runs on just 34 balls for an English county team. That was also not broken before the IPL of 2013, in this tournament. Chris Gayle was playing for Royle Challenger Banglore (RCB), he scored 175 runs off just 65 balls. He scored hundred off 30 balls, it was the fastest hundred in the cricket history. He also beat the record of Brendon McCullum’s T20 high score 158 and not out. 200 runs by a single player in t20 matches looks achieveable but hundred on 30 balls? It was purely astonishing.

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