Upcoming Changes to ACCA Exams

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Upcoming Changes to ACCA Exams

Upcoming Changes To ACCA Exams

Here is the list of upcoming changes to ACCA Exams in the coming months, there are so many changes which are going to implement in the near future. You can read all the changes here below;

October 2017 – Upcoming Changes To ACCA Exams

In October 2017 the main thing which is going to change is ACCA Professional Ethics Module. The current ethics module will be withdrawn on 30th October 2017 and the new module will go live on 31st October 2017. At this time the ethics module is free of cost but in future, it will have some charges not confirmed.

December 2017 – Upcoming Changes To ACCA Exams

In December this is your last chances to attempt paper based exam for F5 – F9, in 2016 the ACCA has launched session CBEs for ACCA Exams F5 – F9. PBEs are going to phase out in December 2017, after that only CBEs will be taken.

March 2018 – Upcoming Changes To ACCA Exams

First CBE only exam session for F5 to F9, in March 2018 only CBEs for F5 to F9 are becoming available worldwide.

June 2018 – Upcoming Changes To ACCA Exams

Last sitting of existing P level Exams. The last chance to pass the existing P level ACCA exams before the new Strategic Professional goes live.

September 2018

The first sitting for the new strategic professional exams. The first session of the new Strategic Professional Exams instead of P1 & P3.

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