Do you want to learn Bookkeeping?

 Do you want to learn Bookkeeping? At the end of this post, you will find the download links Learn Book Keeping in the pdf format. These, learn Bookkeeping will help you to prepare for your upcoming exams. Students must know that these materials are there to help them in their studies and they should not ignore

ACCA Optional Level March 2019 Exam Tips

ACCA Optional Level March 2019 Exam Tips Advanced Financial Management (AFM) March 2019 Exam Tips From September 2018 every exam will have questions which have a focus on section B of the syllabus (advanced investment appraisal) and section E (treasury and advanced risk management techniques). These syllabus areas are therefore high priority areas for your revision.

ACCA Essential Level March 2019 Exam Tips

ACCA Essential Level March 2019 Exam Tips Strategic Business Reporting (SBR) March 2019 Exam Tips It’s vital you read the examiner’s approach article on the ACCA website. The first Q will be based on group accounting and may include complications such as a foreign subsidiary, discounted activities, disposals and/or acquisitions. Beware that this Q may test

ACCA Applied Skills Level March 2019 Exam Tips

ACCA Applied Skills Level March 2019 Exam Tips Performance Management (PM) March 2019 Exam Tips There is no longer any formal reading and planning time at the start of this exam. However, you are strongly advised to plan answers to section C before you start to write. Always ensure you make reference to the scenario in

Important ACCA Examiner Tips for Strategic and Optional Level

ACCA Examiner tips for SBR The ACCA Examiners tips for the SBR wants candidates to make the connection between textbook reading and any supplementary reading and published financial statements. ACCA Examiners tips It is important to remember too that the specimen exams are not blueprints for future exams, they are simply examples of the style of

Very Important Examiner Tips for PM, FR, AA and FM

Examiner tips for PM PM exam sitters should remember to use the spreadsheet functionality properly – that means calculating totals by inserting formulae rather than typing in the number, says the PM examiner. The examiner said this was still an issue at the December sitting, even though CBE exams are well established. The examiner noted