ACCA June 2019 Passing Percentage

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ACCA June 2019 Passing Percentage

The ACCA may need to start doing some performance management of its performance management exams, following the June results! This summer’s PM pass rates were again the worse at the Applied level – at 38%. They were even lower than AA, where sitters managed a relatively healthy 39% pass rate. You have to go back to June 2015 to find a lower PM pass rate (37%). 

Meanwhile, two-thirds of APM and AAA sitters around the world still ‘fail the test’ each sitting. At 33% and 31% respectively these optional paper pass rates remain stubbornly low. After sitting the June APM exam one sitter said: “There should be a cold place in hell for whoever created Q3b.” Many admitted they had to use a lot of “bull shit” to get through Q3.

Students do seem to do better, however, at the tax papers. The TX pass rates were a healthy 52%, and at 43% ATX is by far the best optional pass rate.

Another good news story was the Strategic Professional – Essentials pass rates. SBL saw success rates jump over 50% for the first time – to 51%. The SBR paper pass rates, at 48%, are also holding nice and steady. In all some 125,000 students took just under 160,000 exams. And, some 5,000 (4,923) students completed their final exams to become ACCA affiliates.

ACCA’s Alan Hatfield, said: “Our qualification connects students to the world of work, on whatever sector they choose. That’s because it rigorously tests the skills, abilities and competencies a modern day account needs.”

THE JUNE 2019 EXAM PASS RATES: AB 85%; MA 66%; FA 72%; LW 84%; PM 38%; TX 52%; FR 50%; AA 39%; FM 46%: SBL 51%; SBR 48%; AFM 38%; APM 33%; ATX 43%; AAA 31%.

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