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ACCA Global Wall

ACCA Global Wall ACCA Global Wall is the only website, which provides you latest study material regarding ACCA and other Accounting Related articles too. In Future, we will provide you more articles about IAS, IFRS and how to pass ACCA in the First Attempt. If you have any latest material you can share with me,

ACCA Exams and Subscription Fees 2017

ACCA Qualification students  ACCA Registration and subscription fees Initial registration                 £79 Re-registration                       £79 Annual subscription              £95  ACCA Exemption fees                                                An exemption fee charged for each ACCA exam you are awarded exemption

ACCA Exams Schedule September 2017

ACCA Exams Schedule September 2017 In this post, you will find the ACCA Exams Schedule September 2017 Dates. You can prepare for your papers according to these ACCA Exams Schedule September 2017 provided on the official website of ACCA.  EXAM TIMETABLE – 4-8 SEPTEMBER 2017 ACCA Exam Schedule Monday Tuesday Wednesday F8 F7 F5 P7 (INT) P2 (INT) P1

Market Segmentation Analysis

Market Segmentation Market Segmentation is also a technique used by different FMCG groups to enter in an area. In this article, you will find how a brand using market segmentation analysis or an event through which it can increase its sale. The Streets is known as Wall’s in other countries released its new ice cream