December 2017 ACCA Exam results, March 2018 Notes and Lectures

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December 2017 ACCA Exam results, March 2018 Notes and Lectures

December 2017 ACCA Exam Results

The exam results are out, please leave your result in the comment section and share your experience with others. You can share how have you prepared for this paper? and what will be your strategy for the upcoming session?

I will update your comments in this post and you can read them here. Please write a detailed comment or you can also send me an email at [email protected]. We congratulate on your success, and if you couldn’t make it this time so don’t lose hope.

Get ready for the next session and work hard more than the last one. We are waiting for your feedback and comments.

15 January 2018 ACCA Result Announced

The ACCA says the December 2017 pass rates were ‘impressive’, and who are we to disagree!

True the P3 pass rate was a healthy 56%, and even P7 had a success rate of 35% this time around (that’s high!). The P6 advanced tax paper pass rate also rose to 36%. However, the P5 pass rate dropped to 29%, and the P3 pass rate fell to 33%. Sitters had told us that the P4, F3, and P6 were the tough tests this time around, but this wasn’t particularly reflected in the pass rates. After taking F4 (which has a pass rate of 77%) out of the equation, it continues to be F8 that has the lowest skills pass rate, at 40%. ACCA’s executive director, Alan Hatfield, said: “We’re delighted with the improvement in the many pass rates at December 2017 sitting.”

The Essential exam pass rates were strong, he explained, especially P3. He pointed out that the ACCA is carrying out extensive ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions across the world in preparation for the Strategic Business Leader study exam being introduced later this year. Some 139,039 students sat exams in December, that’s an average of 1.37 papers each.

Information source: PQMag

F1 – 77 %

F2 – 65 %

F3 – 71 %

F4 – 77 %

F5 – 42 %

F6 – 51 %

F7 – 49 %

F8 – 40 %

F9 – 48 %

P1 – 51 %

P2 – 52 %

P3 – 56 %

P4 – 33 %

P5 – 29 %

P6 – 36 %

P7 – 35 %

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