How to Prepare for ACCA Upcoming Exams

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How to Prepare for ACCA Upcoming Exams 

In this article, we will discuss How to Prepare for ACCA Upcoming Exams. First of all many many congrats to those who did well in the exams and sorrow for those who couldn’t, please don’t worry n don’t lose your heart as nothing can be achieved by being depressed like that.  
May Allah bless with success in the coming attempt. Ameen

Some useful tips to pass exams specially for those who got fail around 50. 

I got few candidates comments regarding their failure, no doubt they were perfect in their preparation but lack of proper planning and time management they get fail around 50 so please remember some tips for coming attempt.

  1. For practice use Kaplan or BPP kits only instead of past papers because past papers don’t contain the updated answers like in 2013 question paper the answers will be as per 2013 syllabus and pattern but if u use any latest kit then 2013 question paper will be answered through 2018 or the latest syllabus and pattern in kits.
  2. For self-study use Kaplan materials only as Kaplan materials easy to grasp and don’t use any video or audio lectures or any short notes unless they are up to the minute (Updated to the recent attempt)
  3. Use latest study materials like bpp or Kaplan because they are verified and approved publisher by the ACCA Body so if u use latest materials of these two u don’t need to for recent articles or changes separately as all coming attempts changes or articles would be consolidated in the latest materials.
  4. Please attempt Part B first in exams rather than Part A that contains long scenario of 50 marks because long scenario requires quite amount of time to grasp, handle, to plan how to start and how to end…so if u would attempt Part B first its rather easy to handle as short scenarios that will not only saves ur time but also release pressure and secure more marks than Part A and will let u know how to hndle long scenario in Part A after attempting Part B then come to part A long scenario you would be able to handle it with ease…
  5. Attempt at least 3 Mocks exams before going to the official attempt .. This practice would enable you to understand that at what points you are lacking, where and how to improve and how long you would take to complete your exams then you would be able to overcome your weak points before going to official attempt and your confidence will surely improve..

How to Prepare for ACCA Upcoming Exams

Now the Plan for coming Dec Attempt You have one an half months to go…

  1. Go through book either bpp or Kaplan as per your taste by covering one chapter daily you would be able to cover your syllabus by the end of this month.
  2. Divide next month into 3 periods of 15 days, 10 days and 5 days.

First 15 days period try to complete ur kit practice at least for once.

  • For next 10 days make a kit practice again as your speed and efficiency will improve after covering the first time.

For the last 5 days. How to Prepare for ACCA Upcoming Exams 

  • 1st day one mock exam…by taking complete time as you are given in exams
  • 2nd day check and make a plan to overcome mistakes you made in the first mock exam…
  • The 3rd day goes for 2nd mock exams as per official exams and terms…
  • 4th day check once again what mistakes you made again and make revise your plan for 3rd mock.
  • 5th day go for last mock exams with now proper planning and see where are you standing now. I believe you would more be satisfied to go for exams because using this plan you will be ready for everything as the syllabus is covered, articles covered, two times kit practice is made which covers past papers as well and written practice how to solve paper is also covered.

This plan can be used for any exam of ACCA as its universal plan How to Prepare for ACCA Upcoming Exams 

May Allah bless you with great success.

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